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Deposition Capabilities

  • Wet chemical etching facilities consisting of an assortment of anisotropic, isotropic, and electrochemical etching equipment for semiconductors, metals and dielectrics. Modutek’s KOH Silicon Etch Tank is designed to decrease impurities, and unwanted byproducts due to advanced welding techniques with PFA sheet material. A few notable design features include the following: manual cover with overlapping seal which minimizes water lost and no concentration deficiencies over long etch time.
  • Physical vapor deposition capabilities including a Varian multi-source e-beam system with rotating planetaries for 2″, 3″, and 4″ wafers as well a stationary sample holder; and a CVC sputtering system with 2 e-beam guns, 2 US sputtering guns.
  • A refurbished Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) four-stack furnace for silicon nitride, low temperature oxide, polysilicon, and metal CVD. An important feature of the LPCVD system is that variable stoichiometry films may be produced for optical waveguides.
  • Plasma-Enhanced CVD (PECVD) capabilities are provided by a Trion deposition station with load-lock under computer control, which can provide films of silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, silicon oxynitride, diamond like diamond structure carbon and silicon carbide.
  • A four stack Bruce Oxidation furnace for wet/dry Si wafer oxidation and diffusion.