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The Bruker Oxidation Furnace features 3 zone tubes that can be used to grow wet and dry oxides as well as perform drive-in/annealing for elevated temperature device processing. The system features two working tube. Tube 1 is used for the oxidation of bare silicon wafers only while tube 2 can be used for processes involving other types of wafers.  After passing the NCF safety exam, users can request training on this machine by sending an email to Those not trained can request an NCF work service order by contacting the lab manager.

Location: cleanroom, deposition bay

Training: 3 sessions (2 trainings and a checkout session)

Technical Specifications:

  • # of Temp Zones: 3 temperature zones per tube
  • Temp Deviation: < 2 °C per zone
  • Wafer sizes: 2, 3, and 4-inch
  • Gases:
  • Boats: Various quartz boats available

User Manual

The user manual can be found here.