After iLab Registration

Safety Exam

The safety exam can be found here.

In order to become an NCF user, you will first need to pass the NCF safety exam. A copy of the exam can be found on the NCF Policies and Pricing page on the RRC website. The exam can be taken between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday at the NCF main office in room 3064 of the Engineering Research Facility (ERF), located at 842 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL, 60607.  To pass the exam, you will have to answer more than 80% of the questions correctly. You will be notified of the results within 48 hours. If you do not pass the exam, you’re welcome to retake it another time.

After the Exam

After passing the exam, please stop by

Facility and Cleanroom Access

For UIC affiliated individuals, facility access will be granted through our swipe card access system. Non-UIC affiliated individuals will need to obtain a visitor card from the UIC ID center. The visitor card request form can be obtained at the NCF main office. Swipe card access to the facility will be granted once you have your visitor card.  You can always knock on the door of room 3064 ERF if you do not have your iCard.

For cleanroom access, you will need to obtain a transponder. You can come to the NCF main office, between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday to get a transponder which is used to track your cleanroom usage. The cleanroom access fee is $34/hr for academic users, and $50/hr for industrial users. For UIC affiliated individuals, you must bring with you, your iCard and your iLab payment source number. Non-UIC affiliated individuals must have their iLab payment source number with them. Please note that the owner of the payment source must grant you permission to use said payment source on iLab. If you will not be using the cleanroom, you may proceed to the next section.

Requesting Trainings

You can request trainings on instruments through the Request Services tab on iLab. Please make sure you specify which instrument you want to get trained on when you fill out the request. The training fee is $65/session for academic users, and $100/session for industrial users.

The standard number of trainings for instruments is 3, although some simple instruments will require only 2 sessions. The first is a session with a member of NCF staff where you are shown how the instrument works. The second training can be with NCF staff or an authorized user, usually a lab mate, where you will have hands-on practice. The third training is a checkout session with a member of NCF staff where you are tested on how to use the instrument and any specific operational/safety points. Simple instruments will only require the initial session and the checkout.

Instrument Usage

Please refer to the NCF Policies and Pricing on the RRC website for information on our usage policies.