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Cleanroom Renovation

Picture from renovation - Removed floors and HEPA filters

The picture shows the mid level of the renovation project for the cleanroom. Recently, both class 100 and class 1000 cleanroom at the Nanotechnology Core Facility at University of Illinois at Chicago got renovated undergoing a major upgrade. Here is the list of work completed during the renovation.

  • General Work
    • Demolition of existing AHUs, ductwork,
    • piping, old exhaust motors, concrete pads
    • New Concrete pads
    • Replacement HEPA filters
    • Crane Service
    • Pipe insulation
    • Ductwork insulation
    • Removal of existing & installing new flooring
    • Allowance for weekend work
  • Heating & Piping
    • New piping& piping corrections
    • New humidifier connections and specialties
    • New Filter and Fill system for chilled water
    • Piping specialties for AHUs, pumps
    • Cleaning of piping, coils, reheats, existing & new
    • New control valves for re-heats
    • New building automation system
    • New Pressure Monitors & Displays
    • New Control Valve and Piping
  • Ventilation
    • Redundant pumps for each chiller
    • Ductwork for AHUs
    • AHUs
    • Installation AHU
    • New Chillers, Condensers and Installation
    • New RO water system for AHUs
    • New steam generator
    • New scrubber
  • Electrical
    • Power disconnects
    • Power connections
    • New exhaust motors

Users at NCF get a completed renovated cleanroom making the environment friendlier for nanofabrication.