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The Tousimis Supercritial Autosamdri-815, Series B is an automatic supercritical point dryer. The system can only be used with ultra-pure alcohols (Ethanol, Methanol, I.P.A), and the introduction of acids (H2SO4, HF, etc.) will damage the instrument. The instrument is able to handle up to five 10 mm dies or 1 inch diameter wafers. The critical point dryer is used to remove liquids ensuring the samples are not damaged due to surface tension of liquids. The Tousimis critical point dryer can be used for the production of aerogels and MEMS devices.

Location: Cleanroom, Wet Bay II

Training: 3 sessions (2 trainings and a checkout session)

Technical Specifications:

  • SOTER Condenser separates waste alcohol from exhaust CO2
  • Chamber size: 1.25” (inner diameter) x 1.25” depth
  • Chamber volume is 25 mL


One time Reservation Cost: $5

Per Hour Cost:

$10 Internal User
$16 External User

User Manual:

The user manual can be found here.