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NCF’s TRION Mini-lock-Phantom III ICP-RIE system comes with a vacuum load-lock that allows for isolation of the reaction chamber from atmosphere to reduce the impact of exposure to atmosphere between runs. With a 600 watt, 13.56 MHz solid state RF generator, users have the option of standard processing or inductively coupled plasma enhanced etching. The system can accommodate multiple wafers in a single run. After passing the NCF safety exam, users can request training on this machine by sending an email to Those not trained can request an NCF work service order by contacting the lab manager.

Location: Clean room-deposition bay

Training: 3-5 sessions (Minimum training - 2 trainings and a checkout session)

Technical Specifications:

  • Wafer Sizes: 2, 3, and 4-inch
  • Max ICP Power: 600 Watt with automatic matching network
  • Min Pressure: 0 MTorr
  • GaSes: N2, O2, Ar, SF6, NF3, HE - O2 mixture, CHF3, CCl2F2, Cl2, CF4, SiCl4


One time reservation cost: $20/reservation

Per hour usage cost:  


One time Reservation Cost: $5

Per Hour Cost:

$10 Internal User
$16 External User

Cleanroom Usage: $34/hr for internal and non-profit, $54.4/hr for external users

User Manual:

The user Manual can be found here.