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The DCAT 25 from Dataphysics is a multifunctional instrument for dynamic contact angle measuring instrument and tension measurements. It’s capable of weight-based measurement of surface and interfacial tension, dynamic contact angles, critical micelle formation concentration, and adhesive force. The DCAT 25 features a high-precision electrodynamic compensation weighing system with automatic and manual calibration, a variable speed motor for height positioning of the sample vessel. It also features automatic crash protection, automatic coupling lock for the balance, a measurement camera, and intuitive control with the TP 50 touch screen control panel.

Location: ERF3024, Packaging Bay

Training: 2 sessions (1 training and a checkout session)

Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions: 1-2000 mN/m
  • Measuring range for dynamic contact angles: 0-180 degrees
  • Weighing range: 10ug - 210g
  • Measuring value rate: up to 50 weighing values per second
  • Temperature measurement and range: -10-30 C (liquid temperature control unit TV 70); room temperature to 250 C
  • Integrated automatic stirrer


One time Reservation Cost: $20

Per Hour Cost: Internal user and External (Academic) user: $10/hr ; External (Industrial or Foreign) : $15/hr

User Manual:

The user manual can be found here.