Registering on iLabs

To be able to request services to NCF or be a user, you need to have an iLab account. NCF uses the iLab portal to manage services, trainings and reservations. PIs need to register first to have their labs created. Then business managers and lab members can register into their labs (research groups). PIs can assign the following roles to members of their group:

  • Manager
  • Primary Financial Contact
  • Lab member

As an Internal PI (UIC lab)

INTERNAL PI – someone who has funding through UIC (has a CFOAPAL)

  1. Navigate to iLab (Bookmark this URL for future use)
  2. Select “Sign in using University of Illinois at Chicago (NetID) credentials.”
  3. You will now be prompted to provide your UIC NetID and password.
  4. In the registration page select a lab
  5. Your first name, last name, and email address will be pre-filled. Complete any remaining fields that have not been pre-filled, such as phone number.
  6. Click ‘Register.’ The next page you see will be the “Greeting Page”
  7. Once logged in you will be on the iLab homepage dashboard. Make sure to set your time zone and ADD YOUR FUNDING SOURCE(S)!

External User Registration

Who is an “EXTERNAL USER”? – someone who has funding through another entity (does not have a CFOAPAL). Please note that even if you have UIC appointment but your funding comes from other than UIC entity, you need to register as external user.

  1. Navigate to iLab (Bookmark this URL for future use)
  2. Select “Register for an iLab Account”
  3. Fill out the registration form. Please make sure all your information is accurate. We will be sending invoices and all other communication according to the information you provided here.
  4. Once the registration is finalized, you will receive a notification from iLab support team

Please note: External PIs who have existing accounts with iLab through their institution:

  • Please click on the ‘hamburger’ menu icon on the top left hand side of iLab website and navigate to ‘Core facilities’ .
    Under view on the core facilities click on the 3rd option in the View ‘cores at other institutions’
    This will populate all the institutions which use iLab, you can either scroll to UIC or search in the right side tab.