Equipment available in the NCF provide capabilities in Photolithography, Thin Film Deposition (metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics) etching, sample characterization (electrical, optical, and surface), dicing and lead attachment. Please select from the following capabilities:

Lithography Capabilities

NCF offers standard as well as advanced lithography capabilities. Read more to know.


Dry Etching Capabilities

NCF is equipped with tools for Reactive Ion Etching, Bosch Process and Oxygen Plasma etching. Explore below:


Characterization Capabilities

NCF offers a wide range of characterization capabilities that suits a variety of applications. Explore below:


Deposition Capabilities

NCF is equipped with PECVD, E-beam deposition system with microbalance, Sputtering system, LPCVD among many more for deposition of wide variety of materials. Explore here:


Packaging Capabilities

NCF offers packaging facilities like dicing, wire bonding, parylene deposition among others. Explore here: