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Ellipsometry is a non-contacting, nondestructive technique for the measurement of surfaces and very thin films on surfaces using elliptically polarized light. The model L116S300 for up to 300mm wafers builds on the production proven Gaertner line of ellipsometers in widespread use throughout the world. From thin gate oxides only tens of angstroms thick to thick polyimides and photoresists. Gaertner has earned a reputation for providing precise, reliable results. Ellipsometer can detect film and surface conditions less than an Angstrom thick.

Location: Clean room, Characterization Bay
Trainings: 3 sessions (2 trainings and a checkout session)

Product info :

System Features:

  • Measures complete state of polarization useful for rough, scattering samples.
  • Accurate, stable measurements using spectrally precise laser ellipsometry.
  • Simple, compact tabletop instrument - competitively priced.
  • Alignment : Built-in axis of rotation of incident arms is in the sample plane. Angles are easilyselectable with no need for alignment prisms or sample readjustment.
  • Incidence Angle : 30o ~ 70o
  • Method of Measurement : Advanced StokesMeter measurement head
  • Measurement Time : Practically instantaneous
  • Light Source : HeNe 6328 Angstrom Laser gives less than 1 mW output on sample
  • Beam Diameter : 1mm diameter (1 x 3mm on wafer @ 70o ) Laser parameters


One time Reservation Cost: $5

Per Hour Cost: Internal Users: $10/hr ; External Academic: $16/hr ; External (Industrial or Foreign): $20/hr

Cleanroom Usage: $34/hr for internal and non-profit, $54.4/hr for external users.

User Manual

The user manual can be found here.