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Precious Metals

The NCF access fee does not include the use of precious metals for evaporation. Precious metal sources, typically gold and platinum, can be signed out for use. Your account will be charged only for the material consumed, plus a $5 fee for each gram of material used.

NOTE: The cost of the metal charged will be the cost that the NCF pays for the material when it was ordered and NOT the daily market price.

The current price charged for use of the NCF gold and platinum evaporation sources are listed below. These prices are subject to change with market conditions. The members of the NCF will always be informed prior to any new posting.

Should the precious metal source or crucible be damaged, lost, or stolen, the user will be held responsible and his or her account will be charged for the full replacement cost.

Users are free to supply their own material or use others’ sources. Users are simply asked to clear the source’s purity level with the facility manager first.